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Usage Details & Pricing

Solitaire-ERP has a very simple and easy pricing mechanism and usage details. In each of the package you get access to use all software features.

Solitaire-ERP imposes limits on the total number of customers/accounts handled, invoices generated per day and total no of documents inserted per day into the system. These limits differ with each subscription plan and can be increased by purchasing add-ons.

Package Name: Rs 700 per user per month i.e 8400 per year.
Cost: Rs 8400 per user.
Number of customers/accounts handling limit: Less than 1000
Invoices generated/day limit: 30 Invoices/day calculated on monthly average basis.
No of Documents inserted/day limit: 50 documents/day calculated on monthly average basis.

Support Hrs: Not more than 2 hr/month. Additional support hours can be purchased.

Option to purchase additional user for 40% of the orignal cost which will be charged on per user basis. With every additional user your usage details will be increased by 25%.

Package Name: Get started for Rs 999.
Cost: Rs 999. Valid only for 1 user and 1 month.
This is a trial software package to facilitate new users to have a look at the software and help them to get familiar with it.
All usage details are same as previous package, with just one difference that user has an option to pay only Rs 999 and not for yearly subscription.


1. All the above prescribed charges, usage details and offers are subject to change without any prior notice. The package cost will not change until renewal if the charges are already paid.
2. All charges are exclusive of government taxes.
3. All charges are to be paid atleast for a year at once.

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