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Bhishi / Kitty gold saving scheme

Bhishi Scheme helps Jewellers to make additional revenue and helps customers gain fixed high interest on their investment. It is a win-win situation for both the parties. Bhishi Software from WADDTech Solutions is a very strong and robust software for managing Bhishi customer accounts. It is used by many renowned jewellers all over India. Extremely easy to use and enhanced CRM makes it a best choice for Jewellers. Below are some key features.

  • Provision to collect customer photographs through webcam & signing of receipts using digital pad.
  • More than 20 types of automated SMS & reminders
  • Multiple mode of payments. Option to collect post dated cheques in advance.
  • Collection of cancelled bank cheque and other bank details of customer as per government norms.
  • Salesman Incentives
  • Enhanced CRM Reports
  • User Access
  • History Management
  • Multiple Branch Management

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Bullion Deposit Software

This software is for Jewellers who have a bullion deposit(from customer) scheme running or want to start with it. In return of pure gold the Jeweller offers them an interest based on shop policy. The customer gets triple benefit of

  • Security of their hard earned gold
  • Interest on their investment &
  • The benefits of Price fluctuations in gold price.

BDD software by WADDTech Solutions is very easy to use and conforms to all government standards such as KYC, Taxation like TDS, 15G etc
Going with this software not only makes you ready to run this scheme but also make you government compliant. The software capabilities can be equally compared with a Bank Software.
Below are some key features.

  • Complete support for e-KYC, customer photo, signature & documents upload provision
  • Automated SMS to customers & Emails to Backend Team
    Bank like Passbook printing.
  • Provision to submit form 15G, TDS deduction as per government norms.
  • Accrued interest & TDS Provision
  • Enhanced CRM Reports
  • User Access
  • History Management
  • Multiple Branch Management

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Online Metal Booking (For franchises)

This software is for Jewellers who have their franchises given to other Jewellers or for those who are into physical pure gold trading. Earlier franchises need to call Head Office for current rates and had to place a manual order for buying and selling gold. It is manageable upto 2 or 3 franchises but when the count increases it becomes unmanageable to track metal balances of so much firms. Online Metal Booking software helps users to reduce manual efforts and automate the process of buying & selling physical gold.
Some of the software's features are as follows.

  • Auto Rate update from MCX or any other terminal
  • Option to buy or sell at current rates or at a defined value. The order is processed as soon as the rate is reached.
  • Spot booking or intraday option
  • Provision to set buying/selling limits as per customer or amount reserved.
  • Ability to take different deposits for Gold & Silver trading
  • Auto SMS & Emails
  • User Access
  • History Management + many more

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