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Do things that you have never done before like

Automate Credit reminder process, send automated festival messages.

Give away gift vouchers to clients for enhanced sales.

Get sales analysis, intelligence & forecast.

Optimize inventory.

Capture users photo and fingerprints for enhanced security.

Do sales/purchase from mobile app.

And Obviuosly

Manage shop & stock in enhanced way.

Give computerized bills.

Improve brand value.

Less headache, maximum output.

Keep your customers happy.

File GSTR returns by yourself easily.

3 Options To Get Started

Option 1

Buy Offline Software

- Offline on Premise Software

Offline Software For Details Call:
7755991301 / 8087162622


Option 2

Buy Online Software

- Online on Premise Software

Online Software For Details Call:
7755991301 / 8087162622


Option 3

Lifetime Free Software

What you get?
1 Mobile App
2 Online Software
3 Girvi Mobile App
4 Online Girvi Software
5 For Small & Micro Jewellers(Retail Only)

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Supported On
Desktop. Laptop. Mobile. Tablet

Solitaire ERP is supported on all range of devices. Choose a proper device as per your budget & Space at various locations inside the shop. Setup additional terminals in seconds without contacting us. Print invoices from any device. Best option is to have desktop computer at cash counter and Tablet/Mobile with salesman at sales counter as additional terminals if required.

safe and secure
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Why pepole love us?

Users Love Us Because

- Most User Friendly

- A simple and easy to start software.

- Training Videos Provided for Additional Help.

Jewellers Love Us Because

-Best & Easy Customer Relationship Management.

- Better Control over the Shop.

- Enhanced Sale, Purchase & Stock Analysis.

Chartered Accountants Love Us Because

- Tally Export Option Available.

- Complete Accounting upto Balance Sheet.

- Customized Reports.

"The Solitaire-ERP software has improved so many aspects of our business, most notable is the way it efficiently helps us monitor and control our inventory levels, manage physical inventory and purchase orders with ease. The software is so easy to use, the transition went almost unnoticed. The custo

Aditi Jewellers


Having looked for several years for software designed specifically for the jewelry industry for a midsized store, I am very happy to have found Solitaire ERP solutions

Chordiya Jewellers


मी नुकतीच या व्यवसायात सुरुवात केली होती म्हणून माझे बजेट थोडे ताणलेले होते. जेव्हा मी सॉलिटेर ईआरपीत लक्ष घातले तेव्हा मला ऑनलाइन डेमोने सॉफ्टवेर समजने खूप सोपे झाले आणि म्हणूनच हे मला विकले गेले. मुळात माझे सर्व requirements ह्या सॉफ्टवेर मध्ये पूर्ण झाले.

Datta Jewellers


सॉलिटेअर-ईआरपी ज्वेलरी उद्योगासाठी सर्वोत्तम सॉफ्टवेर आहे. ह्याच्यात काहीही अजून सांगण्यासारखे नाही. ह्यांच्या सॉफ्टवेअर आणि सेवामद्ये हे सहजपणे दिसून येते .

Hira Jewellers


At first I thought going online would be difficult and not secured. But I was wrong, my belief regarding online software is totally changed. I'm on this side too.

Mukund Jewellers


I have said it many times that getting Solitaire ERP Software was the best decision we ever made.

Rajabhau & Sons


I am very satisfied with your product it is easy to use and we get a quick response in need from you.

Sai Jewellers


We are extremely happy and appreciative of the service provided by Solitaire ERP team. They were able to solve a major issue in our Jwelery business. Courteous behaviour and prompt service. Thanks !!!

Valchand Nihalchand Jewellers


Solitaire-ERP is a beautiful software & it has become a necessity for my Jwelery business. The best part is I can export all my accounting to Tally Software in a single click and provide to my CA.

Vannaji Ganeshmal & Company

Camp, Pune.

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